Kaleidescopes created by Denise Jones

Remember Magic

Creating Kaleidescopes since the early 1980s
made with new materials and old ways

Treadle Kaleidoscope

Let your imagination wander as you sit down and step on the cast iron foot treadle to turn the jeweled wheel as changing patterns are reflected in a unique six mirror configuration used to make three seperate images. Made with cast iron, oak, brass, pulleys, wheels and other assorted and found objects.

54”H x 60”L

Projector Kaleidoscope

An interactive teleidoscope that projects your image and turns the passerby into a kaleidoscopic vision. Your image is projected onto screen or wall turning into a playful interaction. With an oak case and tube this scope is 21" x 4" and has a three mirror system.

18"L x 18"W

Kaleidoscopes expand our minds with ever changing color and shapes
Formerly Reflections in Glass - Denise Jones has returned to creating works of color and light focusing on unusual materials and design

Titanium Kaleidoscopes

The beautiful colors on the titanium scopes are achieved using an anodizing process which uses electrical current to cause oxidation resulting in a surface that will refract the light and create the optical illusion of the different colors.


Enchanting Clocks

These Fun 3-D Sculpural Clocks are Beautiful to see and Fun to watch. The Hour and Minute hands rotate while the secondhand ticks away. Creating a fun kinitic experience.